Monday, March 1, 2010

Room Swap

Since the day the twins were born, they have slept in the same room. Never been apart. So deciding to separate them was not an easy decision. However, after much pleading from Grace (in her words), "Can you please move Jacob out of here! He keeps waking me up!". Jake is a very early riser (5am everyday) and as soon as he would wake up, he would flick on the light and want to start playing. This was not going over well with Grace. She was not ready to get up and was getting seriously ticked that he kept waking her up everyday before she was ready to rise.

So, this Saturday we moved Jake out of the room and moved him into Caroline's room, moving her out and into room with Grace. It made the most sense to move him out, giving him his own room. That way, when he wakes up with the roosters, he can turn on the light and play to his hearts content!

The move went flawlesly! We boy-ified Jake's new room with framed pictures of trains, cars, airplanes! Moved in all his trucks & cars! Gave him a little nightstand with a light and books. Moved all his clothes in. He was very excited to have "Jakey's room" as he calls it. His bed is all comfy and the room stays darker than the girls room which I think will help him sleep in later...already has! The first nap time came on Saturday, while I think he was a little lonely since he asked Daddy & I to lay down with him in his room, he was pretty content. Instantly he knew which room to go to when he asked him to get his shoes & socks! Went right to his new room.

So on to the girls. They seem very happy to be rooming together. Especially Caroline who up to this point, has been all by herself. During the first nap time, we could hear her and Grace talking. Carloline kept peeking her head over the crib rail saying "HI!" to Grace. She is soo happy to have her big sister with her. Then you could hear Grace say "Shhh...lie down and go to sleep". To which Caroline obliged and went right back to sleep. It is very cute to see this new interaction between them. Grace taking on the role of big sister is very cute. I think this will help them be even closer than they already are.

The only thing I will miss is hearing Jake & Grace early in the morning playing together. They were always so cute. Some mornings I would walk in and they would have their boots & hats on and Jake would be telling me how he was Prince Charming and how Grace is Cinderalla! Good times!

It definintely was bittersweet to separate them, but in the long run I think it will be better for all parties involved! In fact, Jake is already sleeping in later and made it all the way to 6am this morning! So did the girls!

Can I get a whoo-hoo!


James said...

They did great with this move!

Kitty Deschanel said...

Yes you can! Woo Hoo! :)