Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A way to give back

I have joined Stella & Dot!  For those of you not familiar with them, check out this link!  Their jewelry is adorable and affordable!

So my thought is to introduce everyone I know to Stella & Dot so that you can get some rockin' pieces for yourself while helping out some incredible non-profit organizations at the same time!

But I also have a motive :)  A hefty portion of my proceeds with be donated to 3 charities that I wholeheartedly support.

The first charity that I plan on supporting is 'Friends of Maddie'.  This little girl changed my life.  She changed my whole way of thinking about life on this earth and how we should not take one day for granted.  Her parents started this non-profit to support families of critically ill babies by easing the transition into NICU life and providing an ally until the end of their child's hospital stay.

The second charity is the 'Layla Grace Children's Cancer Foundation'.  Another little girl who I fell in love with that lost her battle with cancer.  Her parents are determined not to have her death be in vain and have started the non-profit to help raise funds in stopping cancer!

The third charity is 'St. Baldrick's'.  This is an amazing organization that, thus far, has raised $20million, that's right....MILLION, in the fight against childhood cancer!  I am in awe of all they do to help eradicate this nasty disease.

So, won't you help me by ordering some beautiful jewelry??  Just think, everytime you put on a piece of jewelry that you ordered from my website...you will have helped in the fight against cancer!!

Here's the link to my website.  Happy shopping and thanks for helping!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's one of those days

It's one of those days where the tears will not stop flowing.  As much as I try to pull myself together, it is just not happening.

Maybe I am hypersensitive??  Why do I feel so alone in my mourning??  I feel like I am the only person out there that mourns these babies that pass as if I knew them personally.  Is that soo crazy?  Definitely a question for my shrink!

All I can think about are these mom's that are having to witness their child's last breath on this earth and wonder how does one move forward after that.  And yet they do with strength and grace that I did not know existed on this planet.  I am in awe of their faith and their will to go on.

To the Potvin's, there are no words that I can give you that will comfort during this time.  Just please know that my heart is heavy with sorrow for your loss.   I am soo deeply sorry for your loss.

For those interested, here is the to the Ellie's CaringBridge website: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/elliepotvin

God bless you all Potvin Family.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Starlight, Starbright

For my babies ~ you have made every wish come true and I am the luckiest mama on the planet!

Lyrics by Nicolette Larson

baby i am here
baby i am here

never thought that in a million years
never thought that you would come to me
you're the answers to a million prayers
you're the apple of my eye

i can hear you breathing next to me
just how lucky can one person be?
i am looking at a mystery
everything i dream, more than i can wish for

starlight, starbrigt, all day all night
i will be right next to you
here forever, i will never leave, i will never leave

baby you're my little ray of light
i could fin you in the darkest nights
if you cry then i will hold you tight
never letting go, i would do that for you.

starlight, starbright, all day all night
i will be right next to you
here forever, i will never leave, i will never leave

baby i am here
baby i am here

starlight starbright, all day all night
i will be right next to you
here forever, i will never leave, i will never leave

Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

I am truly blessed to have two great men in my life.  My dad and my husband.

They both deserve soo much recognition for all they do for their families.

My husband is one-of-a-kind!!  I feel like I seriously hit the jackpot with him!  He is a keeper, ten-fold!  I knew it from the minute I laid eyes on him...of course, it took me a little while to convince him of that!! (more on that another time). 

My kids will grow up with the most amazing Dad!

Happy Father's Day Baby!  We love you!

Phin's Fight

Hi All,

I am saddened to even have to post this.  It's just been too much lately.

I am posting this info about a little boy named Phin who is 18mos old and is battling stage 4 high risk Neuroblastoma.  He is the nephew of a friend of mine. 

Please take a moment to read the blog that has been set up for him and his CaringBridge website. 

Please include him in your prayers!!

Phin's fight: http://phinsfight.wordpress.com/

Phin's CaringBridge Site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/phinhalligan

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lacking Patience

Lately, I have had a rough go of it with my kids.  My patience with them is at an all time low and I honestly don't know why.

They aren't really doing anything out of the norm for 4 year olds and a 2 year old.

-they don't listen
-they are constantly telling ME how it's going to be
-they insist on NOT eating the dinner I have slaved over
-they refuse to talk in an inside voice
-they will not stop using the couches as pommel horses

These things are all normal...right?? 

I know, that I need to step back and be thankful for their health and for the fact that they are at my feet driving me nuts as I know other mother's who would do anything to have their kids at their feet.  I want so badly to have a happy house where there isn't constant contention but I am failing miserably at this. 

Seriously, are my expectations just too great?  Am I living in a fuzzy reality again?

I need to chill out and can figure out how to stop the fighting, the yelling, etc. 

I'm at a loss.  So until I figure it out, I guess I will just hold on for dear life!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It feels good to be 40!

On Saturday, my wonderful husband threw me a 40th birthday party! 

Great friends were there to help welcome me in to my 40's!  I am soo touched by how much love was there that day. 

Some friends drove from very far away, and for that I thank you so much for making the drive.

Some friends came from around the corner and I thank you for everything you did to make my day awesome!

Special thanks to the bartender (Jim)!  Great lemon drops ;)

I love you all so much and am honored to be your friend!

BIG thanks to my most wonderful hubby for throwing me the party!  You did a great job with everything and I soo appreciate all the time and energy you put into it!  Thanks for the belly laughs ;)

Caroline's Big Day!

Caroline, who is not even 2yrs. old yet, just pooped in the potty!! Woot!

Way to go Caroline!! Mommy & Daddy are sooo proud of you!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yep, I used an expletive in my title because that's how pissed I am that cancer is robbing this world!!

Up until Tuesday, I have said that cancer has never affected me personally.  Not true anymore.

On Tuesday I was given sad news that a dear friend of mine and my husband's has only 6months left to live due to a cancer they *thought* they had gotten rid of, only to find out that it is ravishing her body.

Sad, mad, heartbroken, don't even do justice to how I am feeling right now.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

An Oldie...:)

This is of Grace when she was about 18mos old.

It's a rude, rude world!

As of lately, it seems, as if this world is getting ruder by the second!  I am constantly floored by the rude actions I see happening around me.

People cutting people off on the freeway.  People not holding doors for others.  Or holding the doors, only to be ignored and not given a thank you!

Here is a really, really good example:

I took the girls to breakfast at the little restaurant around the corner from our house.  We have been going to this place for about 7 years now.  The waitress, we will call her "D", knows us by our first name.  Knows our children.  We know hers, etc.

So, the girls and I sit down.  She gives me a menu and crayons and paper to the girls.  We have been sitting and waiting now at least 10mins when a man (you will notice I did not call him a gentleman), sits down at the table next to us with his 2 boys.  He immediately starts telling "D" that he is in a hurry.  She assures him that she is aware, as this is apparently a frequent thing.  She then comes over and asks if we are ready.  We are.  I give her our order and she then walks to his table to get his order.

It's now been about 10minutes more, and Caroline has already started to ask that we leave.  She is bored.  We have played with all the jelly packs we can to entertain her.  She has colored.  She has drank her juice.  She is ready to go.

On the counter, I can see that food has come up and is ready to be brought to the table.  "D" gets the food and brings it to the man and his kids!!  She says "you should thank her (me), I put your food ahead since you were in a hurry"!  


The man attempts to laugh it off and thanks me.  The nerve!

So, the man and his sons, gobble their food and leave.  "D" then trys to lessen her rude behavior, by telling me that he does that to her all the time.  I tell her, "that was rude on so many levels.  His issue of being late, is not my problem.  You should not let anyone instruct you on how to service your customers.  Also, is that really the message he wants to send to his sons?  That he can cut in front of people and that it is okay?".  Yes, I said a mouth full, but I was soooo mad.  Where does this sense of entitlement come from?  Why would anyone a) ask a waitress to do this and b) why would the waitress allow this?

Well, needless to say, my dissatisfaction was reflected in her tip. 

What do you think?  Do you find the world to be ruder these days?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Where have I been?

Has anyone been wondering? 

The month of May was a crazy one!  There were too many things going on to stop and update my blog.  Although, I am certain most people have a blog so that they can do just that!

But, me...well I was overwhelmed with May, and quite honestly, am glad to see it gone!

Here's a few things that happened in May:

* The twins turned 4 and we had a party!
* I turned 40 and my husband is throwing me a party this weekend, sans kids ;)
* My mom had back surgery, which then led to pneumonia, which then led to an ambulance ride to the ER, where she was hospitalized!  She is out, thank God, and doing better!
* My boss quit and since I am an Executive Admin, he was my job.  Luckily I work at a great place and have been told that I am fine and to sit tight until they replace him! 

So, that is enough drama for one month....wouldn't you say!

Now, let's bring on June!