Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings

So, I thought I would start Monday's off with a little reflection of the weekend and some of the funny things my kids say.

Jacob: On our way to a hiking event on Saturday with the Tiger Scouts, I was telling him something about his sister, Grace, and I said "On the other hand...blah, blah".  And he said, "Right, like on her other foot...blah, blah"!  The kid is so literal!  Cracks me up!!

Caroline: I was in the shower getting ready for work this morning when she came in and says, "Mom, I had a nightmere (not misspelled, it's how she pronounces it ;)), and I HAVE to take a bath!".  I initially said no because we were running late but she was so insistent that whenever someone has a nightmare they MUST take a bath.  ????  How could I refuse??  However, I have absolutely no idea where she came up with this!!

Have a great rest of the week, peeps :)