Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Musings

So, I thought I would start Monday's off with a little reflection of the weekend and some of the funny things my kids say.

Jacob: On our way to a hiking event on Saturday with the Tiger Scouts, I was telling him something about his sister, Grace, and I said "On the other hand...blah, blah".  And he said, "Right, like on her other foot...blah, blah"!  The kid is so literal!  Cracks me up!!

Caroline: I was in the shower getting ready for work this morning when she came in and says, "Mom, I had a nightmere (not misspelled, it's how she pronounces it ;)), and I HAVE to take a bath!".  I initially said no because we were running late but she was so insistent that whenever someone has a nightmare they MUST take a bath.  ????  How could I refuse??  However, I have absolutely no idea where she came up with this!!

Have a great rest of the week, peeps :)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


We have found it!!  No, really!!

For those of you who don't know, we moved from the West coast to the East coast!

We put this plan in motion over 4.5 years ago and it in March we made it happen!  It's truly amazing how all the stars aligned and got us to our dream locale!

Here's how it started:

Back in 2007, I had just started at my company and the twins were 10 months old.  I had been at said company for about 7months when I started talking to James about the fact that my company had another location (amongst others) in Raleigh, NC and what did he think about us possibly moving there.  He was up for it!  Right off the bat!  So, we decided to fly there in October 2007 for a quick trip there to see if it was even a place we could see living.

So, we went!  And, of course fell in love with it immediately!  We fell in love with the people, with the climate, with the housing prices (:)), with everything!  We toured some housing developments in Raleigh, Cary, Apex & Holly Springs.  There were things we liked about each city, but the minute we set foot in Holly Springs, it was a no-brainer!  We walked up and down the sidewalks in the division we liked and saw kids upon kids playing outside riding their bikes with the other kids in the neighborhoods.  We saw neighbors conversing with each other and hanging out on their front porches together!  We walked away from that sub-division and couldn't believe what we had just seen.  It was everything we wanted for our children.  We wanted to raise them in a community that put family first and this was it!   I knew that this was my Utopia!

So, we came home and put the plan in motion to sell our house and move as soon as we could.  I was told that I had a job in NC and the only piece missing was James getting a job. 


After a month or so of not feeling well, I realized I was pregnant!  Apparently, North Carolina really does agree with me, because we conceived Caroline while we were out scoping the place out.  Hence her name, Caroline after North Carolina :)

So, that put the plan on hold for awhile.  Once we were able to catch our breath, we put the plan back in motion and in September of last year, I approached my work again not only did I get a new job out there, I got my DREAM job!  In addition to supporting a great VP here, I am also in charge of all the Community Outreach for our RTP office! 

So, then I came back out in February to secure housing, which I did and got the house I wanted, but what really cemented that this was the right choice, was that while I was out here finding us a home, James was immediately contacted by a headhunter and an interview was set up with a company the headhunter believed was a great fit for James.  he interviewed via Skype and before I even got back to CA he had a job offer!  A great one and he took it!  That was it!

I am amazed at how the puzzle pieces fell into place and everything happened the way it did.  I was truly meant to live on the Southern East Coast!  In fact, right now it is a balmy 85 and instead of being inside in the A/C, I prefer to be sitting on front porch enjoy this beautiful balmy weather!

Life is glorious for me out here.  I haven't felt this at peace in a long time :)  Life is really good right now!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Revelation

So, here I sit on my 42nd birthday and I have just had a BIG revelation.

Lately, I have been withdrawn, down and out. Very blue.  I felt uninterested in work, in my family, in everything.  I would go to work and it was work.  Just that, work.  I would come home do what I could to get by.  I would make dinner, help with the homework, but was disconnected from everyone.  The kids, my husband, everyone.  Wasn't feeling it and didn't know why. 

Then, today it hit me.  I don't like who I am anymore. 
The person that having kids has forced me to be. 
The Nag. 
I am a broken, tired record. 

I am constantly repeating myself.....All. The. Time!   Times 3!!!

One of the kids will ask if they can do something.  When the answer is no, it instantly becomes a debate and an argument and then The Nag comes out.  I really, really do not like her. 

Before I became a Mom, I had a very different perception of who I was going to be and how I would parent my children.  I really DID think that I could be their friend as well as their parent and if I could just explain to them the reason why they could not do something, that it would suffice and we all would magically smile and all would be right with the world. 

Hmmpphhh...Not even close to my real life.

I am their parent and they are typical children who want to defy my every rule.  It's what kids do.

So, what's the remedy?  I wish I knew.   I don't want to be this person anymore.  I don't want to feel like I am the Heavy.   I want to be the 'light' person that once existed within me.  The person that wasn't bugged by very much.  Who was laid back and easy going. 

I am really going to try and change some things within and see if I can find a piece of the person I used to be.  Right now, all I see when I look in the mirror is the shell of me. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Common Sense

I know that I will probably be creating a s!$t storm with this post, but it is what I feel and believe, so it shall be ;)

Today, January 20, 2012 a mother and a father have asked that today be a day that we all remember children that have been injured or died from a vaccination(s). Their daughter, Stacy, who was born premature, passed away at 8 weeks old after getting 9 vaccinations in one day!  9 people!!  These are little tiny babies, with little tiny immune systems and they should NOT be given this many in one day!  It is insane!

Don't get me wrong, I agree with some (not all) vaccines, but I adamantly do not believe that they should be given this many in one day.

Ask yourself this.  Have you ever stopped to research what is in these vaccines?  It is horrifying!  Once you know what is in them you become very choosy on which ones your kids will get.

Here are few ingredients of a some of the vaccines:

Polio: Baby cow blood serum, glutamate (msg), formaldehyde, monkey kidney cells (yes, you read that right.  FREAKING MONKEY KIDNEY CELLS!!!)
Rotavirus: Monkey kidney cells, and traces of fetal cow blood.

 And no, I am not one of 'those people' that believe that thimersol has had anything to do with any kind of delay Jake has had.  However, I do believe that had I let my Pediatrician give him the MMR when she recommended it, that I would have a vastly different child on my hand and NOT in a good way.  I, whole-heartedly, believe in every fiber of my being that I did the right thing in delaying the MMR shot.  I do believe that not all kids can handle all the vaccines the same.  Each person's chemistry is different and each person's body reacts differently.  Facts have proven that.

I do believe that some vaccines are not worth the risk.  Take for instance the Hep B vaccine.  This disease is most prevalent in Third World Countries where sanitation is poor and or through nonexistent sewer plants.  The disease is also passed through IV drug needles.  This vaccine is recommended at birth, for reasons I completely do not understand.  I knew that when Caroline was born, she would not be getting that vaccine because a) she wasn't going to be exposed to an IV drug needles and b) she wouldn't be traveling abroad.  I also don't believe in getting them vaccinated against the flu.  And really, how do you really do that when they are about 10,000 different strains out there and when a vaccine is given it is typically given for one flu strand.  

So, today please take a moment to think about all those babies that have been adversely affected by vaccines.

Here is to the link about baby Stacy:

These are just a few examples and all ingredients can be found in each vaccine's product insert that you can request from your Pediatrician.  The info that I am quoting is from the book "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Robert Sears.