Thursday, May 13, 2010

For my mom

Ever since I can remember, I have felt like the black sheep of the family.  My parents are Democrats and I am a Republican.  How or why I became a Republican, I don't know.  But I have always seemed to side with their logic.  Obviously, this has caused many, many heated arguments between me and my parents and my extended family.  They were respectful arguments, but heated none the less.  Even though I stood on the right and my mom on the left, never have I felt that my mom was judging me or belittling my choice.  My mom always listened to my point of view and I to hers.  We typically don't agree, but we listen ;)
My mom is the most giving, unselfish woman I know.  She would give you her last dime if you asked.  I remember traveling with her about 10years ago.  We were in a hotel and right before we checked out, she started gathering all the miniature toiletries and loading them in her bag.  I was perplexed.  She took every last one of them.  I said "why are you taking all of that?"  She replied "because, I donate all of this to a woman's shelter".  I was taken aback.  I swear it was right then and there that I truly realized how awesome my mom is.  I know it may not seem earth shattering to you or probably even to my mom.  But it was then and there that I realized just how giving and thoughtful of a person she is. 

She inspires to give back and to help when I can.  So much so, that I remember a Christmas when I was about 25 or so and she asked me what I wanted.  I told her that I wanted her to spend whatever amount of money she was going to spend and give it to Toys for Tots.  She had a better idea!  She said, let's go buy toys with it and donate the toys!  So, I matched her dollar for dollar and off to Target we went!  When we reached the checkout line, we had two full carts of toys!  When then took all the toys to the local firehouse where they were collecting the toys.  That was the best feeling ever!  To know that we gave soo many kids a Christmas they typically wouldn't have had, the words are indescribable.

We grew up in a very unconventional way, much to my chagrin back then.  During the holidays, anybody that didn't have a home to go to, was always welcome at our table for the holiday meal.  I remember begging her to just let it by us (mom, dad, me and my sister) and she said "I'm really sorry honey, but these people don't live near their families and I won't shut my door to them".  I guess the Republican in me really wanted the Currier & Ives type of Christmas.  Little did I know, that I had it. 

My mom never discriminated against anyone.  They had friends that were homosexuals, they had friends that were of a different race than us.  They were always welcome and accepted in our house.  This is another life changing moment for me.  You see, my mom was raised knee deep in the heart of Texas where racism runs rampant.  She could have easily followed trend and been just like some of those that don't feel humans are humans because of their race.  She taught me that no matter the color of someone's skin or their sexual orientation, everyone is equal.  Mom, I love you for teaching me this and making sure that we understood to love people, not hate. 

Mom, I hope I inspire my children the way you have inspired me!

I love you!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The twins turned 4!

My babies turned 4 on Saturday, May 1st.  We had their party at a beautiful park on a beautiful day!  There were many fun things to do!

We went on a train ride with Grammy & Grandpa

We played kick ball!

And looked darn cute doing it!

We played on the playground.

We blew bubbles

We went for a walk with Daddy

We had snow cones 

We opened presents

Even Caroline got a new baby!

We had a great time! 

I cannot believe that my babies turned 4 years old!  Where o where does the time go??

Friday, May 7, 2010

Good things coming!

It has been awhile since I posted, but it is all for good reason!

I am trying Adobe Photoshop and trying to get all the pictures from Grace & Jake's 4th birthday party edited and loaded.

But for is a teaser!!