Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Resurrection of the Blog

Well, here we are....2015.  When I rang in 2014, I thought it was going to be a great year, and it was!  Many, many good things came in 2014.  Many new friends, many new adventures, many new "firsts".

But as I rang in 2015, I was filled with worry, hurt, dread, etc.  Unfortunately, I could see the horizon and there were many things that caused the worry and anxiety.

Today I learned that a dear friend of mine's husband had lost his battle with cancer.  Cancer.  It's always f*(#ing cancer.  I am so damn tired of that word and all that follows it.  My friend and her husband did not deserve this as part of their story.  That did not deserve to have this pain in their heart. No one ever does, yet there it is, cancer.

As 2015 was coming to closer, I thought about resurrecting this blog, not for others to read, but for me to have a place to put feelings to "paper".  

So, here it is...the resurrection of "My Crazy Sweet Life" and with it comes all that the title implies.