Thursday, June 3, 2010


Yep, I used an expletive in my title because that's how pissed I am that cancer is robbing this world!!

Up until Tuesday, I have said that cancer has never affected me personally.  Not true anymore.

On Tuesday I was given sad news that a dear friend of mine and my husband's has only 6months left to live due to a cancer they *thought* they had gotten rid of, only to find out that it is ravishing her body.

Sad, mad, heartbroken, don't even do justice to how I am feeling right now.

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Jenny said...

I'm so so sorry, Jenn! I too have a dear friend who is terminal, after 2 remissions, thinking they got it. Actually a mistake by the surgeon that they didn't. I'm pissed, heartbroken, all of the above. I'm so sorry for your pain and for your friend. Hugs...