Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's one of those days

It's one of those days where the tears will not stop flowing.  As much as I try to pull myself together, it is just not happening.

Maybe I am hypersensitive??  Why do I feel so alone in my mourning??  I feel like I am the only person out there that mourns these babies that pass as if I knew them personally.  Is that soo crazy?  Definitely a question for my shrink!

All I can think about are these mom's that are having to witness their child's last breath on this earth and wonder how does one move forward after that.  And yet they do with strength and grace that I did not know existed on this planet.  I am in awe of their faith and their will to go on.

To the Potvin's, there are no words that I can give you that will comfort during this time.  Just please know that my heart is heavy with sorrow for your loss.   I am soo deeply sorry for your loss.

For those interested, here is the to the Ellie's CaringBridge website:

God bless you all Potvin Family.


Jenny said...

You are not alone. Ellie's story is too much to bear. I've only recently heard of it and have shut myself off from reading the details, only for protection of my own heart. How is it fair that I get to just close the webpage because it is too much for me to image, but Amy and Grace have to lose their sister and daughter in reality. Even know, thinking of it makes me want to shut off your blog. You are not alone Jenn, I have found myself following the stories that I have followed and not following new ones. I'm not sure how much more my heart can take. At the same time, the faith of these mothers has inspired me and encouraged my own deepening of faith. I know that if God has used these children in my life He has used them in so many. He has such a special plan for each of us, and it's hard to understand the totality of God's plans in our lives. I pray with all my heart that this is the closest I ever come to this type of childhood loss. I can't imagine how I would ever deal with such detestation.

Your heart and compassion are big. Pray and love on these families, but remember to turn inward on your little circle and your little family. Don't let this grief consume you.

I'm sorry you are hurting. I totally get it. TOTALLY. I'm so glad to "know" you and your heart, it is so similar to mine.

Much love!

Jenny said...

SO many typos, I was writing like CRAZY.

image should be imagine
know should be now
detestation should be devastation

:) Loving you in all my carelessness!