Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A way to give back

I have joined Stella & Dot!  For those of you not familiar with them, check out this link!  Their jewelry is adorable and affordable!

So my thought is to introduce everyone I know to Stella & Dot so that you can get some rockin' pieces for yourself while helping out some incredible non-profit organizations at the same time!

But I also have a motive :)  A hefty portion of my proceeds with be donated to 3 charities that I wholeheartedly support.

The first charity that I plan on supporting is 'Friends of Maddie'.  This little girl changed my life.  She changed my whole way of thinking about life on this earth and how we should not take one day for granted.  Her parents started this non-profit to support families of critically ill babies by easing the transition into NICU life and providing an ally until the end of their child's hospital stay.

The second charity is the 'Layla Grace Children's Cancer Foundation'.  Another little girl who I fell in love with that lost her battle with cancer.  Her parents are determined not to have her death be in vain and have started the non-profit to help raise funds in stopping cancer!

The third charity is 'St. Baldrick's'.  This is an amazing organization that, thus far, has raised $20million, that's right....MILLION, in the fight against childhood cancer!  I am in awe of all they do to help eradicate this nasty disease.

So, won't you help me by ordering some beautiful jewelry??  Just think, everytime you put on a piece of jewelry that you ordered from my website...you will have helped in the fight against cancer!!

Here's the link to my website.  Happy shopping and thanks for helping!


amanda said...

Checking it out now!

Jenn said...

Thanks Amanda! I am super excited to have found a way to give back!! Thanks!