Monday, March 29, 2010


I had my first trip away from home this weekend without the kids or the hubby. Typically I either take a trip with the hubby and someone watches the kids or I take the kids somewhere but I have never been gone from everyone.

On of my best girlfriends has a house in Tahoe and was kind enough to invite me for a girls get away! No men or kids were allowed! It was very nice to sit and relax. To take a nap when I wanted for however long I wanted! To go out for a meal that didn't have to be inhaled or need to be cut up into tiny pieces! We went for a nice hike on a snowy path. We went out for a nice relaxing lunch that included bloody mary's ;) We made a delicious dinner that was enjoyed with a nice merlot. We drove around the lake and enjoyed the beauty of Lake Tahoe. It was truly a much needed break and one I am grateful to have gotten.

All that loveliness aside, I missed my hubby and kids like CRAZY!! They were all I thought about while I was gone. I spoke to them many times while I was gone and James did such a great job of keeping them all busy and fed! They all seemed to have a great time!

I didn't get home until late last night so I didn't get to see any of them until this morning. Somehow Frace managed to crawl into our bed without us realizing it and I woke up to my sweet girl all nuzzled up with me! And Jake and Caroline were all smiles when they woke up and saw me! What a great welcome back!

All in all, it was a great trip and I am thankful for the break. I am also thankful to be back home with my family.

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James said...

We missed you but we are very happy that you got the much deserved short break from all that you do for our family.

Love you