Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fuzzy reality

So, I pick the kids up.  They are all smiling and happy!  Excited to see each other and me!  We get home, make a nice dinner, everyone eats and we enjoy each other's company.

Now here's how it really goes down. 

Pick the kids up.  As we are leaving daycare, Jake & Grace always run to the van and want to be first to get there.  Jake pushes Grace to the ground so that he can get in the van first.  Grace starts to cry.  I, having Cara in my arms, pick her up.  Get her in the van.  Tell Jake to stop.  Get him in the van.  Get them all buckled up.  Ask them all what they want for dinner.  No one agrees.  A fight between Jake & Grace break out about what I will be making for dinner.  We get to the house, they fight over who gets to unlock the door.  We get in.  They all push each other down to get to their bedrooms first to take their jackets, shoes & socks off.  They all come out and immediately start barking orders at me.  Mom can you...get me some juice, help me take my socks off, sit down and color with me, take my shoes off, put me in my seat to eat (cara)!!!, etc....

When I am sitting here at my desk at work, I am thinking about my sweet babies and how I can't wait to get home to see them all.  And then reality sets in.  30 mins after I have picked them up, I am already frustrated.  I hate this!  Why can't we all walk in the door like calm rational people and enjoy what's left of the day???

I guess this is my reality not the 'June Cleaver' picture I have in my head.

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James said...

You're a great mom and wife. If you weren't frustrated, I would look crazy(er) :)

love you