Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gracie's First Sleepover

About a month ago, Grace had her first sleepover at Grammy & Grandpa's house!  She had been working up to that day for a long time.  My mom told her that as soon as she was using the potty like a big girl (I know, bribery, but please...she is 3 1/2 and we were not even close), that she would be able to spend the night, just her and Grammy & Grandpa!  This thrilled her to no end!  So the girl went on a mission and started using the potty. 

So we sent her on her way for one of her first 'big girl' moments!   Of course, I called a gazillion times to check on her and of course, she was having a blast!  They took her shopping.  They made cupcakes.  They got their nails painted, not Grandpa of course ;)  They were all in hog heaven!

My parents live about 90minutes away, so I met my parents at a half way mark and for the return, my husband picked her up.  He called me as soon as he had her in the car and said "babe, you are not going to believe how cute she looks!!  They dolled her all up and she keeps saying "mama is going to be soo happy to see me!".  Indeed I was!

Below are the pics from her weekend away with Grammy & Grandpa.  She is showing off her new outift, complete with hair bow and pretty pink (her favorite color) nails! 

She is awesome!

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