Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Grace did it!!

she finally went poop in the potty!!

Yesterday at approx. 10:25am she did it!

I know this is hardly news worthy info, but for our household, it's just as exciting as the Steelers winning the Super Bowl! HUGE, HUGE news!! And we celebrated and are still celebrating!!

She was sooo proud of herself!

The promise (I know, bribery at it's finest) was that once she finally did that we would have a poo poo party and that she could pick out whatever toy she wanted from Target!!

So as soon as Daddy got home from work, she & I went to Target! It was one of those monumental milestones. Typically when we go to a store, I put her in the cart. But since she is a big girl now, she insisted on walking in the store instead of riding in the cart. It was a moment that is very hard for me to describe. But here was this little person, dressed in her favorite jammies (she insisted on wearing them to Target), holding my hand, walking in the store. Walking up and down the aisles looking at all the toys and finally deciding on a Barbie purse that has a BlackBerry ("like mama"), car keys ("like mama"), a compact ("like mama").

She was just too darn cute for words. And all the time telling me how she was a big girl now. Yes indeed she is.

Tonight we will be making cupcake brownies to celebrate!!

Way to go Gracie!!

side note: she truly is her father's daughter. On the way home from Target, we were talking about her accomplishment and she said "It was a lot of poop!" "and it had beans in it!!" Yep, that is completely a trait she got from her daddy ;)

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Jenny said...

it is SO news worthy!
and a lot of work for you both!
Good job mama and Grace!