Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Beautiful Life

I was watching a 20/20 special with Stephanie Nielson, the author of the Nie Nie Dialogues, who survived a horrific plane crash that burned over 60-80% of her body.   She went on to tell her story of how her kids had to get to know their ‘new’ mommy and how her then 22month old thought her sister was his mommy.  She has had countless operations.  Had to endure more pain than anyone could possibly understand and do you know what she said at the end of her interview when asked if she had any regrets??

She said that she had no regrets and that she has a beautiful life!

I am amazed at how some people pull themselves up from the bottom and carry on.  They do not look back; only forward.  They do not wallow in self pity.  They don’t waste time thinking of what was and what is.  The concentrate on the good.  The now.

I seriously think some people are just wired this way and I do not believe myself to be one of them.  I get caught up in my drama.  Which compared to others, would be a joke. 

I get caught up in the fact that I have gained weight.  I get caught up in the fact that I have hit a rough spot within myself.  There are many days when I don’t want to get out of bed.  When staying in my pajamas seems like the best choice out there.

Then there are other days when I feel like I am as happy as happy could be.  When the perfect song will come on the radio and I will sing my heart out.  When the perfect day has brought the perfect weather.  There are many days like this, but it seems as of lately, that there are too many bad days to outweigh the good.

I have had health issues all my life and again I am dealing with another.  Nothing life threatening, just life annoying!  I live in constant pain.  Some days the pain is better than others.  Right now, it sucks.  It’s uncomfortable.  It sucks to be in chronic pain.  It sucks to be told that an answer to this is a hysterectomy.   It all sucks.

And yet, here is a woman who knows what pain really is.   I commend her for her willpower and strength.  She is truly a role model.

I think I will adopt her philosophy….

“Life is Beautiful”

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