Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"How do you do it?"

That is a question that I have gotten more times than I can count.  Especially when Caroline was first born and the twins were 2.  My response was always "you just do".  And whilst saying that, I would be thinking in the back of my head, this isn't SOO hard.  It's totally doable.

Well, my tune has changed!!  And when people now ask me and I more reluctant to say "who say's I'm doing it well?".  Lately my patience and tolerance are at an all-time low.  I am soooo tired of hearing myself talk that I want to tell myself to shut up already!  I can only imagine what my children must be thinking!

They aren't doing anything out of the norm for 4year olds and a 2year old.  You know, not listening, arguing, debating, talking back, etc.  You get the gist.  If I had a penny for every time a child did as I told them, I would be beyond rich!  I would be the new Mrs. Trump.  No doubt.

But alas, that is a fantasy world. 

I am soo sick of hearing all the negative words in my house.  I do praise them when they do something great, but it is the not listening to just about everything we tell them to do that is taking it's toll on James & I.

Both James & I sit at work and think about our kids and how much we miss them, then within 5 minutes of everyone getting home, we are ready to pull our hair out!  And yet, we know that when they are grown and gone that we will be heartbroken.  So we try to savor every minute and be thankful that they still want to be around us.  

But in the moment, that is very, very hard to do.

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