Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Shepard, An Angel and the Choir

During the Christmas holiday, the kids were all part of a play based upon Jesus' birth. 

Jake was a Shepard, Grace was an Angel and Caroline, well she was supposed to be in the choir, but she got a case of stage fright and could not go on.  The same could not be said about the twins!  They were not nervous at all and in fact, they were very excited to go on stage!

Cutest Angel and Shepard I have ever seen!!

Grace & Jake each had parts that their were to act out with each song they sang and they both did awesome!  After each song was sung, the crowd would clap, and Jake would take a bow!  He was the only one to do this!  They both had a great time, but Jake had a grin from ear-to-ear during the whole thing!

At one pause during a song Jake yelled out "Mom, I love you!"  That was awesome beyond words!

We had my father-in-law take a family pic of us and as you can see he cut off James' head!  But I absolutely love the laughter on Jake's face in it, so I had to post it.  Sorry James! 

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