Monday, August 23, 2010

School Begins!

Today is Jake & Grace's first day of Pre-K and it is Caroline's first day at preschool!  There are finally all back in the same school! 

Because of space limitations, all the kids could not start at the same time.  Grace was first to start and we couldn't have made a better decision to have her start first if we tried!  She started on August 2nd and has been learning the routine, so when it came time to show her brother and little sister around, she was in hog heaven!  She has shown them where to put your lunch box, where they lie down to take a nap, the best toys to play on the playground with...etc!!  She has been awesome with them today!  She might be a little control freak, like her mama I'm afraid ;) 

They have been separated for the past year, so it is sooo awesome to have them all in the same place so that they can see each other every day!

Here are some pics!!

They are soo awesome and I am soo proud to be their mama!

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