Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Bird Has Landed!

I don't know why I chose that title, but it seemed to fit!

Jake started Pre-K on 8/23 and we decided that we would no longer put him in pull-ups.  So we sent him into school in his big boy undies and lots and lots of extra clothes.  And guess what...he has done fantastically with it!  The last few days of last week and yesterday, he has come home in the same shorts and underwear that we sent him to school in! 

And then last night.......

He was in taking a bath and I was cleaning up the kitchen, when I heard "MOM, COME HERE!!".  Much to my surprise, he had gotten out of the bath and went poo poo in the potty!!  I called for the rest of the family to come see!  Everyone was sooo proud of him and he was soo proud of himself!!  James took a picture of it, but I am quite sure, that no one really wants to see it!

It is a tradition in our family that when you poop in the potty and are using the potty consistently, you get to go to Target and pick out whatever toy you want! 

I immediately got him out of the tub and dressed and off to Target we went!  Here is what he picked out...

Sorry for the picture quality

I love how proud Grace is of him in the background!! 

He's awesome!

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Jenny said...

This is great. Go Jake!! I hope this has continued!