Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Gracie goes back to preschool

Yesterday was Grace's first day at her new preschool. All weekend we had been talking about it and getting her ready, or should I say, she was getting us ready! She kept saying "I'm going to my new preschool!" and would tell us all about her new teacher, Ms. M, and how she would be making new friends. The girl was over the moon about going.

So yesterday morning came and she woke with a huge smile on her face and was soo excited! She picked out her favorite outfit (courtesy of Grammy), picked out what she wanted in her new lunchbox. Wanted me to make sure we packed her new Care Bear blanket for nap time.

When it was time to go, she kissed her brother & sister good-bye and told them that she was going to her new school!

On the way to school she said "Mama, today is my special day. I get to go to my new preschool!". I told her that from here on out, it was going to be her special day because she would be going everyday!

Once we got there, we were told where everything was to go. Where to sign her in, where to put her lunch and things. We were shown her own cubby with her name already up on awaiting her arrival.

I hung out a while to make sure she was fitting in and boy was she! She immediately connected with these two older girls, who included her in playing a marble game and were all taking turns playing together. It was adorable. She seemed right at home. Not one ounce of shyness, no lack of confidence. She was on her way.

I stayed only 20minutes because she was kicking me out the door! She was just fine with me leaving and just fine with starting her new adventure at a really great preschool.

So of course, by 3pm I was anxious to get out the door and go and get my girl and hear all about her day.

As I arrived, I found her in the craft room with a pretty little princess crown she had made with foam pieces. She was smiling ear-to-ear and was soo excited to show and tell me all about her 1st day. Her Teachers all said how great she was and how well she listened and used her manners.

Nothing could have made me happier at that moment. I for the first time in a long time, felt like I had made a good 'mommy move'!.

This morning was basically a repeat of the above. She was thrilled to get there today and instantly knew the drill and sat down and started playing with her friends.

Life is good in the mommy world today!


Jenny said...

Jenn, I am so happy to hear this. Awwww...with child care, the decisions are SO tough, and transitions are EVEN tougher. And then it turns out like this and you sigh relief that you made the right decision and it shows all over their face! YAY for you and Grace!

Did her brother feel left out? Or is he fine with his current place?

julie jensens said...

Jenn it is so good you are writing about this. You will be able to remember every special moment that you have with each one of your little lambs. I remember stephs 1st day of school and she was ultra confident too. She hasnt changed a bit. Always ready to take on a new challenge. You are a great mommy and never second guess yourself. I watch you and am blessed by how you listen, interact and love. Glad to hear this new chapter in Gracies life is a positive and fun experience.
luv ya,