Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Maddie!

Hi Maddie,

Some people might find it odd that I care soo deeply for you and your family. Some might even consider you and I strangers. But those are the people who do not know you like I have come to know you. There are so many things about you that have changed my life and considering that I never even got to hold your little hand and hug you, I find that amazing.

So I started thinking about that. Is Maddie a stranger to me? My answer was 'no'! If I was a stranger, I wouldn't know that you love the color purple, that you love to play music and that you love Abby Cadabby! In fact, I think I know more about you than I do about most of my friend's children. Which would explain my deep love for you and I find nothing foreign or strange about that!

Happy Birthday little Maddie Moo! You are missed immensely!

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