Monday, August 24, 2009

Popcorn and Chocolate Chip Cookies....

Well I definitely won't be winning any 'mother of the year' awards with this one!!

Late yesterday around 4pm, Grace & I went to Target and of course the minute she knew we were going there, she immediately started asking for popcorn! So, as soon as we got in the store, we bee-lined it to the popcorn. She & I noshed on it while we shopped :)

Miraculously, we did not finish it all so I brought the remainder home for Jake. By this time it is now just about dinner time and throwing all sense of responsible parenting out the window, gave Jakey the rest to eat. By now, Jake & Grace have decided they want to play outside and of course are not hungry for a real dinner. So the next example of fine parenting I display is by giving them each a chocolate chip cookie for dessert ;) The only one in the house that got a decent meal was Caroline and that's only because she is too young for popcorn!

Honestly I don't normally feed my children this way, I typically cook every night of the week and last night I was tired and couldn't think of making another meal.

Let's just hope they remember this as one of those 'fun' times when Mama didn't make us eat the good stuff!

Not one of my finer parenting moments ;)

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