Tuesday, June 28, 2011

R.I.P Binky

We have finally gotten Caroline to give up her Binky!!  It actually wasn't a struggle at all for her to stop, but it just seems like we should have gotten her to stop earlier.  But whatever.  She has been Binky-free now for two solid weeks and she has done awesome!  And for a girl with the strongest sucking reflex EVER, to just give it up cold turkey, is nothing short of a miracle!!  Way to go my Sweet Caroline!! 

 Year 0 - first Binky in the hospital

 Year 1 - still using the Binky

Year 2 - STILL using the Binky

In September 2010 when she started pre-school, we stopped the Binkies at nap time.  She was only using them at night.

June 2011 she is Binky free!!  Yippee!!

Year 3- her birthday is July 11th and there will no longer be any Binkies!!

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