Thursday, April 28, 2011


When I started this blog, it was to chronicle my life.  I wanted to be sure to capture all the awesome things happening within it.  

While we have had lots of awesomeness happening, I haven't felt like blogging.
A blog is such a public forum and one where honesty should be respected.  I respect blogging enough, that I felt it best to stay away awhile since I couldn't seem to share everything.

I feel that a blog should be an honest depiction of your life and that the good & bad should be represented.  But I guess I am just not brave enough to share the bad.  And I feel if I just share the good, that I am not being honest by portraying a life that isn't so.  Does any of that make sense?

What do you all think?  Should a blog be all or nothing?  Or just the good?

Sometimes I wish I would have started this blog under anonymous circumstances so that I could reveal everything.

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Jenny said...

I think you should share what you feel like sharing. Sometimes you feel like sharing the good, and only the good, sometimes you want to share more. For me, I've been hurting lately and I just can't bring myself to blog. So I post a few pictures and try, but I haven't been able to write my hard. Once I'm through this storm, I think I will be able to write more honestly. I think that when you read a lot of "professional" mommy blogs, you start to think of what your blog should be like. But it should just be what you want to share, and document and save. Nothing more, nothing less. And as you go through the roller coaster of life, that will change.

It is sometimes nice to be honest about your feelings, without bashing or hurting. Some of the best real life documenting happens when you have to be both KIND and HONEST, and only write as things affect you but not put things into print about others. Years later, as you read back, that is what you will care about.

Jenn, you are a wonderful, amazing woman with a very special heart. So...

Write your heart out, but just as you wish.

For me, I know that I am more drawn to the weaknesses and flaws of others than I am by only their strengths. That is where the good stuff lies, that is where we see that those we respect and are inspired by, are also walking a tough road and carrying a heavy load.

If you ever do decide to start a new blog and make it anonymous, please invite me along for your ride.

Much love, have a beautiful day! :)